56 Annual STAR Student/Teacher Luncheon

STAR-Student---9The 56 annual STAR Student/Teacher Luncheon was presented by the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce at Albany State University. Juliette May Hu, a senior at Westover Comprehensive High School in Albany, took the honor of Dougherty County’s STAR student Friday, March 4, during the awards presentation.

Hu competed against other top seniors from Albany High School, Deerfield-Windsor School, Monroe High and Sherwood Christian Academy, all of which have maintained academic grade point averages in the highest 10 percent of their class. To clinch the win, Hu achieved the highest score on a single test date on the three-part SAT taken through November of the candidate’s senior year.

In addition, nominees’ SAT scores must be equal to or higher than the latest available national average on critical reading, math and writing sections. Each high school STAR nominee is asked to name his/her STAR teacher, and Hu named Thomas Amos of Westover Comprehensive High School.

“Juliette has come up through the system and really done well,” said Amos, following the announcement of her win. “I’m privileged with having her in my classes — someone who really loves knowledge and applies herself to the work the way she has. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a student as brilliant or with such a work ethic, and equally, she’s such a joyful and charismatic personality. I look forward to seeing what she does in the rest of her career.”

Hu told attendees of the event she’d been accepted at Georgia Tech and also at the California Institute of Technology. At the school of her choice she plans to study computer technology “or perhaps aeronautic engineering.”

“I didn’t use to be a math and science person,” Hu said, “but I am now. I used to be into the humanities but now I’m not, so I’ve been saved.”

“This is a real shot in the arm for the public school system,” said Dr. David Mosely, Dougherty County School Superintendent, following the announcement. “It shows that we can more than hold our own against the best of the private schools. This young woman is serious about her future. She carries herself well and clearly and has a good relationship with her parents and other people. I know she’ll make everyone very proud.”

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Hu said following the luncheon. “Everyone here is extremely qualified so I feel really lucky to have been chosen to represent the county. And I’m feeling extremely euphoric and light-headed, so I might have to sit down — like for the rest of my life or something.”

STAR officials say Hu will represent Dougherty Count at the regional STAR competition at Georgia Southwestern State University on March 17.

Nominees and teachers represented at the event included Helena Augenstein from Deerfield-Windsor School and her teacher Mrs. Pauline Stadnik; Emma Goldsmith from Deerfield-Windsor and her teacher Mrs. Cary Stoudenmire; Jasmine Davis from Monroe Comprehensive High School and her teacher Billy Glanton of Morningside Elementary School; Dallas Ausburn of Sherwood Christian Academy, and his teacher Mrs. Cassandra Golden, Juliette May Hu of Westover and her teacher Thomas Amos, and Justin Evans of Albany High School.

Article compliments of  The Albany Herald
by Jim West