Albany Under 40


What is Albany Under 40? 

Albany Under 40 honors and celebrates the Albany Area’s emerging professionals. Ideal candidates are successful in their professions and actively engaged in strengthening the community and region. Albany Under 40 celebrates young professionals who have distinguished themselves in their respective industries and who, through their stewardship, are helping create a stronger, healthier community and region. 

Individuals may be recognized in these twelve categories:  Arts & Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Events, Tourism and Hospitality; Civics, Defense, Government and Public Affairs; Financial and Insurance Services; Innovation and Start- up; Journalism, Marketing, and Public Relations; Legal, Manufacturing, Service Industries, Energy & Architecture; Medicine and Health Care; NonProfit Services; Sports, Wellness & Fitness; Technology; Youth and Education.  The awards serve to commend individuals for their leadership and achievements and to recognize the talented professionals of the area. 

Albany Under 40 2020 Nominations 

AU40 2020 nominations are open. Candidates must be under the age of 40 at the time of the award ceremony — either virtual or in person — by September. Nominations are accepted via this online submission form only.

Albany Under 40 Categories 

Arts & Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Events, Tourism and Hospitality – Roles include, but are not limited to, chefs, farmers, event planners, brew-masters, distillers, winemakers, hotel owners and managers, restaurant owners and managers, food writers/bloggers and professionals in tourism-related fields such as attractions, artists, fashion designers, filmographers, photographers, musicians, actors, curators, fine artists and festival coordinators working in digital media, film, television, and entertainment, as well as fashion and the arts. 

Civics, Defense, Government, and Public Affairs – Roles include, but are not limited to, community relations, foundation representatives, corporate social responsibility leaders, community/public affairs managers, endowment representatives, economic developers, community engagement practitioners, elected officials (non-judicial), department and agency staff, campaign managers, lobbyists, and coalition builders, civilians working on a military installation, defense contractors, military personnel and officers, advocates or developers of programs and initiatives that support our military and our servicemen and women. 

Financial and Insurance Services – Roles include, but are not limited to, accountants, financial consultants, insurance brokers and agents, actuaries, CFOs and others with financial roles within their organization.
Innovation and Start-up – Roles include, but are not limited to, any industry professional who has started a business, and social entrepreneurs. 

Journalism, Marketing, and Public Relations – Roles include, but are not limited to, broadcast journalists, print journalists, writers, editors, producers, news reporters, radio and television personalities, creative directors, advertising, marketing, public relations, media relations, crisis communications, speech writing, and presentation skills training.
Legal – Roles include, but are not limited to, attorneys, legal assistants and legal support services (i.e. legal research, software, supplies sales agents and developers) in the private sector or government agencies. 

Manufacturing, Service Industries, Energy & Architecture – Includes, but is not limited to, professionals in retail, transport, distribution, food services, business-to-business services, professional services, residential and commercial services, real estate agents, real estate brokers and real estate developers, food production managers, manufacturing engineers, computer integrated manufacturing, production managers, plant/site managers, logisticians, procurement officers, supply chain professionals and call center managers, engineers, city planners, transportation professionals, scientists, analysts, researchers, and professionals specializing in clean technology and environmental sciences, architects, interior designers, general contractors, engineers and landscape architects. 

Medicine and Health Care – Roles include, but are not limited to, doctors, nurses, assistants and administrative leaders in all fields of medicine and health care, scientists, biologists, chemists, lab technicians and research professionals. 

Nonprofit Service – Roles include, but are not limited to, nonprofit executive directors, development directors, religious leaders, outreach coordinators, case management, social workers and advocacy professionals. 

Sports, Wellness, and Fitness – Roles include, but are not limited to, trainers, athletes, business owners, counselors, spiritual advisers, yoga instructors and coaches. 

Technology – Roles include, but are not limited to, scientists, engineers, coders, analysts, researchers and software developers. 

Youth and Education – Roles include, but are not limited to, teachers, administrators, education advocates, volunteers, school counselors and tutors. 

Nominations and Selections 

Finalists will be considered from among those professionals who are nominated. Nominations will close on April 08, 2020. Nominees will be notified of their nomination and will receive the application materials.