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Welcome Dr. Abigail Posey to Family Eye Care

Abigail Morris Posey, O.D.
Dr. Posey was born and raised in Leesburg, GA. After graduating high school from Lee County, she attended the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She then moved to Birmingham, AL where she earned her Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019. She has recently moved home and is excited to begin her career serving the eye care needs of Southwest Georgia. She is partnered with Dr. J. Ellis Cosby at Family Eye Care, 2616 Pointe North Blvd. Albany, GA 31721.

Chamber-CVB structure benefits Albany, taxpayers

By Bárbara Rivera Holmes, president and CEO
Albany Area Chamber of Commerce
Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau

Structure matters. It matters in art, it matters in engineering, and it matters in organizations. The discussion around the governance structure of the Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) is an important one for the city of Albany, for its tax-paying citizens and tax-paying businesses, and for its dollars-spending visitors.

The ACVB, under the governance of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, has nurtured a flourishing tourism industry. Most recently, a Carl Vinson Institute of Government study commissioned by the city of Albany reported that the ACVB is performing well; is utilizing its funds for their intended purpose; has well respected and capable staff; is employing the industry’s best practices; and has a broad stakeholder input.

The ACVB is funded through the hotel-motel tax that is generated through hotel stays in Albany. The ACVB is allocated $725,000, or 31 percent, of the hotel-motel tax revenue ($2.4 million, FY 2017) that is received by the city of Albany. The Albany Area Chamber provides well-document professional services to the ACVB. It provides savings to taxpayers through shared operational services; comprehensive benefits for employees; and below market-value professional services. The Albany Area Chamber also provides executive leadership and business-led volunteer board leadership to the ACVB.

The ACVB cultivates local events — such as the Albany Snickers Marathon and Half Marathon — and works with attractions, restaurants and hoteliers. Through effective visitor and attractions marketing, sports marketing and hospitality programs, the ACVB reaches an internal audience and promotes Albany to an external audience. This draws tourists, sporting events, conferences, meetings, reunions to Albany, where people stay in our hotels; book our conference centers; utilize our facilities and services; enjoy our recreation, nature-based and outdoor activities; visit our attractions and cultural amenities; shop in our retail stores and dine in our restaurants.

There’s a feel-good component to welcoming visitors to Albany and having them enjoy our community. There’s also a lot of dollars and jobs associated with that. For the July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017 period, the city of Albany, which imposes an 8 percent hotel-motel tax on lodging, recognized $2,335,898 in revenue through the hotel-motel tax (Source: city of Albany). That’s an increase of $399,743 or 22 percent, over the July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016, period (collections of $1,936,155; source: Georgia Department of Community Affairs).

Albany’s tourism industry is growing; according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, in 2016, the industry had an economic impact of $244 million, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, in 2016 Albany supported 4,880 hospitality-related jobs, a growth of 14.5 percent since 2012. This growth — in the hotel-motel tax revenue, in tourism-related economic impact, in hospitality-related jobs — isn’t without intention nor without the effective work of the ACVB.

The city of Albany is examining a policy change to the structure of Albany’s well-performing ACVB — that is, to potentially remove it from under the umbrella of its parent agency, the Albany Area Chamber, by terminating its contract with the chamber and creating a new corporation that would contract directly with the city of Albany. The Albany City Commission will vote on this matter during meetings that start at 6 p.m. Monday, January 8.

The existing relationship of an Albany Area Chamber-led — a business led — Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has facilitated growth in Albany’s tourism industry. The existing relationship is good for the city of Albany, its citizens and its businesses.

The Chamber-CVB structure works. The Chamber-CVB structure works well for our community and our taxpayers. And structure matters.

Albany City Commission

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard
Home: 229-435-5107
Cell: 229-407-0635

Commissioner Jon Howard, Ward 1
Home: 229-436-1102
Cell: 229-344-1769

Commissioner Bobby Coleman, Ward II
Cell: 229-343-0668

Commissioner BJ Fletcher, Ward III
Cell: 229-854-9443

Commissioner Roger Marietta, Ward IV
Office: 229-317-6808
Home: 229-878-0944
Cell: 229-894-2425

Commissioner Bob Langstaff Jr., Ward V
Cell: 229-343-7617
Fax: 229-436-5729

Commissioner Tommie Postell, Ward VI
Home: 229-432-2481
Cell: 229-347-2903

Volunteers Needed

The Albany Chain Gang needs your help.  The cost of gas and supplies is once again overwhelming due to the recent storm and the need for chainsaw help.  Please consider a monetary donation or a gas gift card.  The gang could also use gatorades and snacks/meals.  For more information please contact Tom Gieryic at 229-881-3705 or donations can be delivered to Gieryic’s Automotive at the corner of Dawson Rd. and Whispering Pines, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.