INTEGRA Business Solutions, LLC

Congratulations to the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Star Business of the Week, INTEGRA Business Alternatives, LLC! INTEGRA Business Alternatives, LLC was established 27 years ago, with the ultimate goal to bridge part time employees back into full time work. INTEGRA also provides a full-service HR option. President/CEO, Sonny McGree explained, “What sets us apart is our belief in relationships, not transactions. We value teamwork, realizing that we are stronger together than as individuals. We are passionate, dedicated and driven to excel. With us it has never been about being the biggest. It has always been about being the best and doing the right thing.” INTEGRA Business Solutions has been a member of the chamber for 10 years. For more information visit:

INTEGRA Business Alternatives

1704 N. Slappey Blvd

Albany, Georgia 31701


      Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts for furnishing our Star Businesses donuts each week.