Lung Diagnostics Sleep Lab


Lung Diagnostics Sleep Lab has been in Albany since 1995 and at its new location since September 2016. Lung Diagnostics Sleep Lab is an in-clinic and home sleep testing center treating and diagnosing sleep disorders. It is the only sleep lab in Albany accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Lung Diagnostics Sleep Lab has been a member of the Albany Area Chamber since 2011. “The public recognizes membership in the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce as a reliable and trustworthy barometer of businesses in Albany. The help we get with keeping up with the drug free workplace information is very helpful and the discount on our workers compensation insurance is a great benefit.”

614 N. Westover Blvd.
Ramana P. Rao, M.D., FCCP / Jyotir Mehta, M.D., FCCP


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