WALB wants you to register your business

Dear Valued Customer,

It is our goal at WALB to provide you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to inform the public that you are open for business during the current COVID-19 crisis. Starting Friday, April 10, on WALB News 10 and through promotional spots, we will begin promoting how to access a link on our website at walb.com that will showcase all government deemed “essential” businesses that are currently open. The information will include phone number, business web address, street address, maps, logos, etc. We will continue promoting this resource until the crisis has passed.

If you are open for business and you would like the community to know, please register using the easy steps listed below:

1. Go to https://www.graytvlocal.com/market/albany-ga which will direct you to the “Connect Shop Buy” page

2. At the top right side of the page you will see: “Register Your Business” and click on the link

4. Provide your name, email address and a personal password to create an account

5. You will receive an email verifying your account. Click on the “Verify Account” button, which will take you to the New Business Information Page

6. Click on the green button “+ Add Business”

7. Fill in the requested information

8. When completed hit “submit”

This process is designed to be user friendly to make it easy to upload the information. Should you have any questions, please contact your account representative. The sooner this information is uploaded, the sooner the public will have this information at their fingertips. We appreciate your business and loyalty to WALB News 10, and we are here to help. Please know that we are in this together.