About The Chamber

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce History

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce has been serving Albany-Dougherty County for more than 100 years. Albany’s founder, Nelson Tift, and a succession of community leaders and citizens, aggressively promoted Albany’s economic and cultural virtues. In 1909, the Chamber was formed to consolidate these efforts and to promote the city’s assets. Since 1910, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of the business and professional community. The Chamber is the only membership organization that is totally involved in the growth and development of the community with a pro-business emphasis.

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a unifying organization in our community. The Chamber is composed of private individuals, businesses and organizations interested in the community and its economic wellbeing. The board is selected from its membership.

Mission Statement

Growing member businesses to create a thriving community.


225 W. Broad Ave
Albany, GA 31701
(229) 434-8700 Fax: (229) 434-8716