The Albany Area Chamber

The Albany Area Chamber is a nonprofit membership organization that helps businesses connect, build, influence and lead. We were founded in 1910 with purpose: To represent the unified interests of member businesses to create an environment for business success and community success. Throughout our history, what we do and how we do it has changed, but the reason we exist has not.

We are the region’s leading business organization, and through the power of our partnerships we strengthen our regional assets and businesses, advocate for priorities and write the next chapter of the Albany’s story. We provide our members with connections that expand their networks, resources that support their growth, benefits that strengthen their bottom lines and programming that informs and engages and and amplifies exposure and opportunities. Membership in the Albany Area Chamber is a direct investment in our work.

Purpose is at the core of our #ImpactABY strategic plan. It was at the core of identifying priorities; at the core of strategy development; and at the core of aligning resources and creating a supportive infrastructure to carry out the work. Purpose is our lens. Extraordinary impact – remarkability – is our goal.


What we do

  • We help businesses connect, build, influence and lead.
  • We advocate for a better region.
  • We connect, inform and fight for business growth and Albany’s success.
  • We invest in Albany, and in programs and initiatives that help the region prosper.
  • We champion prosperity.
  • We take on the biggest challenges so members can focus on growing their businesses.
  • We design the path of Albany’s future. Our north star: Remarkability.

Who We Are

  • We are conveners, connectors and collaborators
  • We are advocates and believers
  • We are nurturersand providers
  • We are activators and accelerators
  • We future-focused builders
  • We are impact

What We Believe

  • Do what’s right
  • Be boundlessly curious
  • Have fun
  • Believe in better
  • Be of service
  • Learn by doing
  • Progress over perfection
  • Invite others to the table
  • Best team, ever
  • Champion the mission
  • Process creates outcomes
  • Offense vs. Defense
  • Empower and entrust
  • Design the path

Mission Statement

Growing member businesses to create a thriving community.


225 W. Broad Ave.
Albany, GA 31701
(229) 434-8700