Legislative Agenda

Albany Area Chamber Legislative Agenda 2017

Believing that Albany – Dougherty County is vital to the economic wellbeing of Southwest Georgia and is empowered with advocating for a strong quality of life while protecting its economic competitiveness, the Chamber will promote outcomes on the following issues:

Work Force Development

> Support funding for Phase II of the Carlton Construction Academy at Albany Technical College. The expansion will provide additional educational classrooms and labs for programs within the construction academy, as well as facilitate the expansion of current programs such as electrical construction and electromechanical engineering.

> Support funding for the Southwest Georgia Medical Housing Complex for third and fourth year medical students from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University; pharmacy students enrolled at the University of Georgia; and residents in the Southwest Georgia Family Medicine Residency Program. The on-campus facility is designed to meet the needs of students and residents while training in the area, and for this experience to encourage more physicians to consider practicing in rural communities.


> Oppose legislation that allows discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or practice.

> Encourage increased investment in Georgia’s tourism marketing funding to more effectively compete with surrounding Southeastern states.

> Support partnerships between state government and communities for greenfield projects that encourage private sector redevelopment.

> Monitor legislation and ensure the viability of world-class health care in the Albany Area.

> Support transportation legislation that provides enhanced funding options for local governments.