Military Affairs

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to support the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) through the Military Affairs Committee. Our base and others located throughout the state serve as both pillars of our national security and vital components of our economy.


Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Mission Statement: Serves to support military communities and their significant contributions to Georgia’s economy – past, present and future.


  • To actively engage the military and the business community to ensure the symbiotic and strategic relationships
  • To promote a positive interaction between MCLB Albany and the community
  • To develop a permanent relationship for Base Retention
  • Utilize all available resources to protect these important facilities during Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and enhance their military operations
  • Provide effective solutions to create and foster long-term economic development strategies in our region supporting MCLB
  • Engage state and federal officials, industry leaders and key stakeholders and provide essential tools to understand the public and private sector needs of Georgia’s military communities
  • Expand the knowledge in southwest Georgia, of the value to our economic development and security the Marine Corps Logistics Base serves

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany: