Legislative Affairs Committee

Vice Chair: Cynthia George
Staff: Yvonne Jones
Goal: To coordinate the interests and activities of the local business community with governmental entities and leaders that impact our area.

Military Affairs Committee

Chair: Leland Burkart
Staff: Yvonne Jones
Cost to join committee: $150 (Proceeds are put into a fund used to help our military community in whatever way possible)
Goal: To actively engage the military and the business community of the Albany Area to ensure symbiotic and strategic relationships and support. 


Small Business Resource Committee

Vice Chair: Tammy McCrary
Staff: Mary Bickerstaff
Goal: To build relationships with our chamber members, provide benefits to meet member needs and develop opportunities to assist members’ businesses for growth.

SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)

Committee Chair: Leland Burkart
Staff: Yvonne Jones
Goal: To provide confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs from local experts.

We are always seeking qualified volunteers to help us serve our business community, as occasional counselors and mentors.

Workforce Development/Education:

Education Committee

Vice Chair: Chandu Kuntawala
Staff: Mary Bickerstaff
Goal: To serve as the chamber’s catalyst that sparks the development of initiatives to strengthen partnerships between businesses and educational entities in the areas of education, workforce development and leadership.

Leadership Development / Emerge Albany

Vice Chair: Bridges Sinyard
Staff: Yvonne Jones
Goal: To create a platform for our members to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically and philanthropically active and contribute to the economic development of our community through networking events and cultural and community education.


Vice Chair: Pam Jackson
Guiding Coalition Team/Team Leaders: Dr. John Culbreath, Cynthia George
Circle Team/Team Co-leaders: Alvita Swain
Income and Education Team/Team Co-leaders: Trent Williams, Lynne Jones
Resource Development Team/Team Co-leaders: Ben Barrow, Dr. Walter Judge
Community Team/Team Leader: Beth Brown and Charlice Nobles-Jones
Goal: To empower Albany’s families to become self-sufficient.


Vice Chair: Bobby McKinney
Staff: Rashelle Beasley
Goal: Promote community awareness and support for tourism and convention efforts by implementing a comprehensive marketing plan, and identifying additional sources of revenue.

Hospitality Committee


Staff: Katie Corley

Sports Marketing Committee

Staff: Rashelle Beasley