From 2021 Chairman 2021 Matt Reed

Dear Chamber Members,
Thank you for your continued membership and support of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.
Historically, this time of year at the Chamber are some of the busiest months on our calendar. We traditionally kick off the new year by transferring the chairman’s gavel during our January annual meeting and celebrating the accomplishments of the past year. We look forward to hosting our 111th annual meeting in a new way in spring, and as we are able, to hosting other relevant events that highlight our community and our businesses.
This upcoming year sets a new course for the Albany Area Chamber. The Chamber’s recently adopted new strategic plan, #ImpactABY2023, lays the groundwork for continued sustainability and relevance in an ever-changing world and for engagement on a whole new level from our Chamber to you — our members and stakeholders. I want to thank 2020 Chairman Perry Revell, who led our strategic planning effort, along with our Chamber staff and the board for their tireless work on this endeavor. We look forward to sharing details of the plan with you soon along with opportunities to participate in this important work.
This last year brought unprecedented challenges to all businesses, including my own, but I am so thankful to live in this community with some of the best leaders that we could ask for. One thing is for sure: When people from throughout the state ask how Albany is faring, I am always encouraged that no matter what is thrown at us, especially these past few years, we have always persevered. The public health crisis is not over; please keep our leaders and frontline workers in your prayers as they continue to battle this most recent spike in COVID-19 cases.
Thank you for you again for your engagement in the Albany Area Chamber. Know that we are here to support you and your business and welcome the opportunity to do so.
All the best,