Collegiate Academy of Albany

Dear Fellow Chamber of Commerce Member, As a citizen of the Dougherty County area and businessperson, you know that one of the key components of your future success is the economic viability of the region, which in turn heavily depends on the quality of our workforce. Every business owner in Dougherty County has faced serious challenges in finding and keeping qualified employees. We believe that Albany needs a “shot in the arm” to improve the talent pool in our area.

We’ve founded the Collegiate Academy of Albany (“CAA”) to provide all Albany’s families, without regard to their economic situation and to provide greater opportunities for their children to receive a high-quality, college-prep education. We have applied for a charter from the Georgia Charter Schools Commission; If granted, we will open as a K-3 school in August 2020, growing a grade a year until we’re hopefully educating 1,430 students in grades K-12. There will be no tuition or admission tests as the school will be a public charter school with a statewide attendance zone, funded completely by the state.

We believe that every family, regardless of net worth and income level, deserves the best education possible. As business people, we need our graduates to be ready for college and the workforce, in the hopes that they will remain in our community to make it stronger and more viable.

Please share the attached link with your employees and ask them to spread the word. We need a strong show of support for our school in the community and need your help to make it happen. Please ask every employee to go online to and sign this petition so we may be granted our charter. We would also appreciate you writing a letter of support. Please send the letter to Also, if you have any questions or wish us to attend an employee meeting to answer any questions, please let us know at and we will be in touch shortly.

Our community has so much to gain with the success of this school. Please join us in giving our kids greater opportunities to a high quality, public education.

Collegiate Academy of Albany[1]