Lily Pad SANE Center

The Lily Pad SANE Center, a nonprofit organization established in 2001, provides 24-hour services in Albany-Dougherty county and 19 counties of Southwest Georgia for all victims of sexual assault. Services include crisis intervention and safe, compassionate forensic medical evaluation and evidence collection. As a nonprofit organization, the Lily Pad never charges victims for services and never files any medical charges to a victim’s insurance. The Lily Pad has been a member of the Albany Area Chamber since 2009 and was recognized as the 2009 Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year. “Just like the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to make an agency such as ours successful. Our village is made of Chamber members from our community as well as other state and national communities.”

320 W. Second Avenue
Contact: Mary Martinez-Allen


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