Miracle Kia/Miracle Toyota of Albany Donates to AMA Storm Relief Campaign

Miracle Kia and Miracle Toyota of Albany will donate $5,000 to Albany Museum of Art in an effort to assist them with the damage generated by an unexpected storm that hit the city January 3rd. This weather phenomenon, left thousands without power and many families looking for shelter due to property damage. Miracle Kia and Miracle Toyota are committed to the community of Albany and will continue to assist one project at a time.

Miracle Kia and Miracle Toyota want to invite business owners in the area with the ability to help, to please follow their lead and bring some relief to local brothers and sisters in need.

As for the Albany Museum of Art, the majority of the roof of the building is completely gone, the employees and demolition crew are working around the clock to preserve the art work and clean whatever debris they can. They do not have power or heat and have to rely on hanging flashlights to see what they are doing, there is water and debris everywhere upstairs. As of now, they have lost 3 gallery rooms and their entire upstairs office (including any and all supplies-desks chairs, computers, phones, filing cabinets, etc.) The biggest concern Paula Williams, Director of the Albany Museum of Art, has right now is her employees, she knows that there is no money to pay them after next week and they will all be without income. The insurance they have will not compensate Williams and her employees, and, according to Williams, will hardly put a dent in getting the building back to its prior condition. Williams and Yvonne Jones are also without power and heat in their own homes as a result of the storm.

In addition to the donation mentioned before, Miracle Kia and Miracle Toyota of Albany will make a donation per car sold during the month of January. Williams is extremely excited, she said “It is truly overwhelming to see Miracle, The Albany Herald and the local Fox News combine efforts to help us.”  Ken Boler, General Sales Manager with The Herald said “it is nice to see Miracle Kia and Miracle Toyota take the lead on this initiative. Hopefully other local businesses will follow their example to reconstruct such a special Albany treasure.”


Miracle Kia/Miracle Toyota of Albany: Car dealerships located on Ledo Rd. recently invested over 6 million dollars relocating and building brand new facilities really care about the community and their employees. Miracle loves Albany is not just this year’s charity initiative, but also our commitment to the city. Check out our Facebook pages and keep in touch with our updates.