In 2002, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia opened its doors to serve a 32-county area bringing cancer screening and patient navigation assistance, community-based research, education and outreach, and cancer patient assistance. In 2016 the organization expanded its mission to address some of the underlying causes of health disparities. While Horizon continues with its cancer control efforts, we also now offer programs to reduce obesity and diabetes, to increase access to safe, affordable housing, to increase access to healthcare, and other priorities that affect the health status of local communities. To better reflect its new mission, the Cancer Coalition changed its name to Horizons Community Solutions. We are still fighting cancer – only now doing so much more.

CEO Cynthia George says, “The Chamber helps us share our story and mission with our community and region. Working with the Legislative Affairs Committee, we are afforded more opportunity to work with our elected officials both at the state and federal level to make sure they are kept abreast of the benefits we bring to the region. We also support the Chamber through our membership because we know that a strong business community is important to overcome many issues associated with health disparities.”

Visit horizonscommunity.org to learn more about Horizons Community Solutions.


Horizons Community Solutions
810 13th Avenue Suite 105
(229) 352-9100

Contact: Cynthia George



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